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Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain town of Truckee, CA, Squeeze In first opened its doors in 1974. At just 10 feet wide and 62 feet long, guests literally have to “squeeze in” to enjoy the cozy breakfast nook that offers ‘the best omelettes on the planet’ alongside boozy mimosas, eclectic decor, and unforgettable charm. The little place with big personality captivated the Young family, who took the helm in 2004, and have since brought it out of the mountains, and into communities across the country. 

At Squeeze In, we’re redefining the breakfast scene by ditching the standard brunch fare for generous servings, a kaleidoscope of choices, and an atmosphere bursting with love and liveliness.  As we continue to spread the love through franchising, we are sharing our culture of little spaces serving big breakfasts across the nation, inviting everyone, everywhere to Squeeze In and join our breakfast revolution. 

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Did You Know?

Long ago, in a workshop far away, a woodworker named Grandpa Marvin wanted to make yard decorations that were more than pink flamingos and so a friendly green alien was created. For years these aliens graced the lawns of family and friends, becoming neighborhood delights, and one even made it to the mothership of the Truckee Squeeze In! One guest proudly wrote “best omelettes on the planet” right next to the little alien decoration and thus the tagline and mascot were born.

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Join our franchise family and be part of the squeeze in history that has quickly gone from a local favorite to a beloved brand. Bring a fun & funky, profitable business to your community.

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