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Plenty Of Perks!*

From FREE meals to PAID lunch breaks, Squeeze is deeply invested in the happiness of our teams. After all, our mission statement is simple …


Happy Guests, Happy ASSOCIATES,
Every Day!


Our teams collaborate with our Vice President of People & Training to ensure associate health, wellness, and happiness are top priorities across all Squeeze In restaurants. From paid time off to associate discounts, we have plenty of programs to perk you up!

* At Participating Locations

Make A Difference, EVERY DAY!

Through excellent service, solid teamwork, and a commitment to a fun, friendly, family atmosphere, we strive to provide an incredible experience to everyone who comes through our door!


The Secret Sauce at Squeeze In is YOU!


Squeeze In is deeply committed to investing in our communities. From local schools to community-wide events, our associates bring folks together to make a difference!

Our Squeezed-In Values!

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We show the LOVE

We’re friendly, upbeat, energetic, and positive! We love to delight our guests and associates!

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We live to SERVE

We’re people-people who show compassion, care about humanity, and serve with love!

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We provide incredible EXPERIENCES

We facilitate moments for our guests and associates to cherish!

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We grow ourselves and our team mates! We grow the EggHead Nation, and grow our company!

Thank you for your interest in applying for a job at Squeeze In!

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