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Perfect Omelette Recipe: Insider Secrets from Squeeze In

At Squeeze In, we’re passionate about omelettes. From our humble beginnings in the 1970s when ski bums were slinging omelettes out the back door of our Truckee location, we’ve grown to become known for our incredible variety and quality. Our journey includes being challenged on Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” and refining our menu to include only the best of the best. Today, we offer a range of omelettes from the off-the-wall Nebraska Rae (bacon, tomato, cream cheese, and avocado) to classic favorites like the Denver. Here are our insider secrets to creating the perfect omelette.

Perfect Your Egg Flip

Flipping an egg is no easy task—it’s all in the wrist! Practice with a piece of cold bread in a pan until you get it right. This technique helps you get comfortable with the motion before trying it with eggs. Remember, the key to a perfect flip is confidence and a quick, decisive movement.

Use Fresh Ingredients

At Squeeze In, we believe that fresh ingredients make all the difference. We use fresh mushrooms instead of canned, cook bacon every day, and cut avocados right before they are served. Fresh ingredients not only enhance the flavor but also provide a more vibrant and satisfying meal. Always choose the freshest produce available to ensure your omelette tastes amazing.

Make It Fun!

Cooking should be fun, and the dining experience should be memorable. At Squeeze In, we find small ways to make the total experience enjoyable—like our unique decorations and the fun signatures written on our walls. When you are having fun and in an elevated environment, you are more likely to remember and savor the meal. So, add some fun elements to your kitchen or dining area to enhance the overall experience.

Choose the Right Fillings

The right fillings can make or break your omelette. Whether you prefer a classic combination like the Denver or something more unique like the Nebraska Rae, it’s essential to balance flavors and textures. At Squeeze In, we experiment with various ingredients to find the perfect combinations. Try mixing and matching different fillings to discover your perfect omelette.

The History of Omelettes at Squeeze In

Our omelette journey started in the 1970s when when a guy named Otis and his friends started serving them out the back door (not the front) of the original Truckee location. This humble beginning led to a menu boasting up to 64 different omelettes at one point. After our appearance on Food Network’s hit show “Throwdown with Bobby Flay,” we decided to streamline our offerings to ease our overburdened kitchens. Today, our menu features top picks that have stood the test of time. The most popular omelette, the Racy Tracy has been ordered over 1,000,000 times in Squeeze In’s 50 years of business, Serving up the freshest ingredients in the best omelettes on the planet is what we are here to do!


Creating the perfect omelette is an art, and with these insider tips from Squeeze In, you can master it. Remember to practice your egg flip, use fresh ingredients, make the experience fun, and choose the right fillings. Whether you’re making breakfast at home or visiting us for a delicious meal, we hope these tips help you enjoy the perfect omelette every time.

At Squeeze In, we’re passionate about serving the best brunch to the best people. If you’re as enthusiastic about great food and excellent service as we are, we’d love to have you join our family. Learn more about Squeeze In franchising opportunities at and become part of a brand that delights guests every day.

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